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If you love David Guetta, Rihanna or Sia then you will love the music of guitarist/vocalist, Alyssa Suede, and Electric violinist/DJ, Carlton Moody (aka DJ Manifesto) of Rome Will Burn. And if you’ve never heard of them, well, you will very soon, because the electric energy of this duo is destined to light up the charts.phot02

I was privy to a preview of their soon-to-be-released EP, Rome Will Burn, and I can only say that if I heard one of these songs come on the radio, I wouldn’t be changing the channel.

Alyssa’s quirky pop vocals and catchy melodies combined with DJ Manifesto’s eclectic mixes, aggressive strings and driving beats won me over on the first cut, “Chameleon.” Biting off the lyrics with just the right amount of antagonism and angst, Alyssa pulled me right in: “Guess I like playing with danger ‘Til you go and change your colors again. Chameleon.”

Their ballad, “These Three Words”, is rich in lyrical poetry and universal appeal. Who hasn’t dreamed of being loved unconditionally?

“You picked me up
With a gentle hand
Like you knew I was made of glass
the meaning of true love they say
You only know it when it’s made to last”

On this one, the beauty of Alyssa’s innocent vocals are cradled in the warm colors of Carlton’s haunting violin lines.

It’s no wonder, Alyssa Suede has won five International Film Festival Awards in the Music Video Category, including awards for Best Song (Hollywood Film Festival) and Rising Star (Canada Film Festival). Her roots were planted young. From the time she was a child Alyssa had the advantage of singing with her mom, pop/rocker & vocal coach Raven Kane, and working on music with her arranger/producer dad, David Campbell, whose influences can be heard on over 600 gold and platinum records, including many of her brother Beck’s albums. (Yes, rock star Beck is her brother.)

Carlton, also started young. He discovered his love for the violin at age five. Years later he left the world of classical violin and found himself drawn to the world of electric violin and electronica music. Establishing himself as a DJ to be reckoned with, “DJ Manifesto” has toured the world adding his electric violin virtuosity to his DJ platform.

Lucky for us that these two musicians crossed paths and decided to combine their talents and came up with what is now Rome Will Burn. They live up to the title of their song: “We live by the Beat.”

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